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Heinz Blasnik, a Good Friend and My Austrian Economic Teacher, Passed Away

Heinz Blasnik, aka Pater Tenebrarum at the Acting Man Blog is no longer with us.
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Heinz Blasnik

I met Heinz virtually in 2001 on Silicon Investor. Until I met him I knew nothing of Austrian economics or even what Libertarian meant. 

Unquestionably, Heinz influenced my economic thinking more than any other person. 

Obituary for the Acting Man

Another friend, Keith Weiner, wrote an Obituary for the Acting Man

I write this with sadness, still, at the news of the death of my friend Heinz Blasnik. He is better known by his nom de plume, Pater Tenebrarum, who published the economics blog Acting Man and wrote for many other financial sites.

Heinz was deeply, passionately interested in helping people understand economics. I know not how much time he gave to this cause—unpaid, as blogs do not make money—but it was surely more than I spend. He engaged with those who were interested. Sadly, Austrian economics is not mainstream, though there are more than enough people to keep a teacher—or sensei—busy. He was willing to correspond with me, and I credit his articles and emails for helping shape my own views.

I don’t think Heinz believed in Heaven, but I hope everyone will understand when I say this. I would look forward to a day—many years in the future, I hope—when I could meet Heinz for beers in Heaven, and continue our conversation where it left off in 2021.

Adieu Heinz.

I never met Heinz in person but we did chat on the phone. Starting in about 2004 we exchanged emails several times a week and sometime several times a day all until recently.

My first inclination things were wrong when earlier this year emails slowed to a trickle then stopped. 

For a while, Heinz posted under the name "Trotsky" a pseudonym Heinz chose as a joke but later regretted. 

Under that pen name, he did some guest posts on my blog.

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"In a truly free market, fiat money would never come into existence. And that is why Greenspan is wrong. Governments can not create something as good as gold. History clearly shows that that only the real thing will do," concluded Heinz

Heinz was my mentor, a good friend, and the best teacher of Austrian economics and the Libertarian philosophy one could hope to find.

I miss him and so will everyone else he influenced.

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