Mideast tensions are heating up as Iran Shoots Down US Drone: "You'll Soon Find Out" if US Plans Strike Says Trump.

I expect cooler tempers will prevail but who knows?

US Treasury Yields

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Gold Above Major Resistance


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Gold convincingly blasted above major resistance in place for three years. Gold needed to top $1377.50 and did. It closed at $1396.90.

A test of the $1340 to $1370 area from above is now likely. If it happens, buy the dip.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Welcome Back 30-Year One Handle We Missed You

The 30-year long bond yield just fell back below 2.00% for the first time since September 4.

Gold Pops Another 26 Dollars in Response to Trump's Threats

With Mideast tensions high and rising, gold just popped another 26 bucks.

Record Low 30-Year Bond Yield and Record High on Gold Coming Up

Once again, the yield on the 30-year long bond is below 2.0%. I expect a record low yield shortly. Gold will benefit.

Would You Rather Have a Dollar Today or 89 Cents Ten Years from Now?

On August 16, the yield on the Swiss 10-year bond fell to -1.132%. Consider the implications.

Investigating the Claim "Gold Demand Slumps to a 10-Year Low"

A Fox Business report states demand for gold is at a 10-year low. What's the real story?

Eight-Year Positive Cycle for Gold Starting Now

McClellan Financial says an eight-year cycle for gold is about to start and the next five years will likely be good ones

Gold: How High in 2020?

Gold broke out of a six year consolidation. Things look up in 2020.

Gold and the K-Cycle

This post is an attempt to explore the behavior of gold during each season in the Kondratieff Cycle. For newcomers, let’s briefly review Kondratieff Cycle Theory.

Hello Treasury Bears: 10-Year Bond Yield Approaching Record Low Yield

Treasury yields are down again today, the 6th straight day of strengthening inversions. 30-year to FF inversion on deck.