Here's the Tweet that caught my eye.

The title was cut off, but I found the chart and added to it.

Medium-sized firms show the steepest reactions in recessions and recoveries.

Recession comparisons to 2007 stand out.


Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Shrinking Home Sizes: Downtrend Continues

New home sizes peaked between 2014 and 2015. A distinct down-sizing is now underway. What's going on?

Home Sales Trends vs Recessions

Existing home sales are slowing. Can a recession be far behind?

Coronavirus Trends Show a Glimmer of Hope

New deaths took a big jump on Tuesday but my charts show some positive trends.

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Job openings exceed new hires by a whopping 1.352 million. What's it mean?

All Aboard the "No Recession" Train

Hiring bounced back in November. More are hopping on the "No Recession" Train. I'm not one of them.

German Firms Abandon China, US Firms Should Do the Same

A survey of German firms found that 23% will withdraw production capacity from China or are thinking about doing so.

Full Sized Autonomous Bus Test in Singapore

Full-size bus testing is underway. Some readers tell me this could not happen for decades. My calendar says its 2019.

Tweets of the Day: Is Anyone Worrying?

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