Nine States Post New Record Cases

The day after the election, Covid Cases Surged to New Records.

Nine states reported record one-day increases in cases on Wednesday: Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

In addition to rising cases, on Tuesday hospitalizations topped 50,000 for the first time in three months. North Dakota reported only six free intensive care unit beds in the entire state on Wednesday, when it was one of 14 states that reported record levels of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

The proportion of tests coming back positive is greater than 50% in South Dakota and over 40% in Iowa and Wyoming. The World Health Organization says rates of more than 5% are concerning because they indicate undetected community transmission. 

The previous U.S. record for new cases in a day was 100,233 on Oct. 30, the highest ever reported by any country in the world.

New Cases Per Million 


New Covid Cases Per Million - 2020-11-04

New Deaths Per Million

New Covid Deaths Per Million - 2020-11-04

Deaths inevitably follow hospitalizations so we should see a spike in deaths soon.