This week, 1 in 5 American hospitals anticipated a critical staff shortage within seven days, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The ratio was a record as cases swell and patients flood facilities for a third time since the pandemic began.

North Dakota, Missouri and Wisconsin reported the highest share, each with almost half of its hospitals in need of medical staff as of Wednesday.

Covid Stats November 19

Covid Stats 2020-11-19

Daily New Confirmed Deaths Per Million

Daily New confirned Covid Deaths 2020-11-20

2,065 people in the US died yesterday. 


The number of cases hit 192,240,  a new record. Even worse, we have been setting new records for a week.

Yet, many still propose this is no worse than the flu. Some claim this  a scam perpetrated by George Soros and Bill Gates.

Family members of the 258,000 dead would disagree,

Comparison to the Flu

Yesterday, I did a comparison to the flu, recently updated to make a distinction between the infection fatality ratio (IFR) and case fatality ratio (CFR).

for discussion, please see How Does Covid Compare to the Flu?


Is this a Hospital or a Coronavirus Deathatorium?

I have several images of newly constructed Chinese hospitals. Do they look like hospitals?

Coronavirus Trend: One in 10 of Those Hospitalized Die

US coronavirus stats posted new grim results today. Hospitalizations are of increasing concern.

Vaccine Shortages and Problems With Moderna

There are huge shortages of Pfizer's vaccine and California halted Moderna shots.