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Filibuster in Progress

This is too funny. I wrote yesterday that I expected this to happen. A UK reader told me I did not understand parliamentary rules.

He stands corrected.

What We Know

  1. A filibuster is in progress
  2. There are (at last count) at least 86 amendments to vote on. The tally I have is 100.
  3. The Remainers are desperate to get this passed.
  4. Parliament will be shut down starting September 10 through October 13 by Order of the Queen. The last session will be September 9.
  5. The Fixed Parliament Act does not allow MPs to set a binding election date. It is still at the discretion of the PM.

What We Don't Know

  1. Whether or not the filibuster will succeed.
  2. What Johnson will do if the filibuster fails and the bill is passed.

15 Down 85 to go

Double That?

My understanding is that each amendment has to be voted on twice. Once to suspend the debate, then again to rule it out.

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It appears Johnson should have opted for a September 9 shutdown (last session on September 8), but there may be a reason I fail to see.

Reports say Remainers are desperate to get this passed by 5:00 PM Friday September 6 until October 14.

I am also unclear why there is desperation to get this done by 5:00 PM Friday. Perhaps the reporting is incorrect.

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What If?

Even in the event the filibuster fails, Johnson has many options.

That will be the subject of another post.

For now, enjoy the filibuster.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock