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Starts rose 8.3%, with single family units up 6.%. Permits rose 7.4%, with single family permits up 4.1%.

The quarter ends on a positive note but the overall pace is lower than in the first quarter.

New Privately‐Owned Housing Units Completed

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New Privately‐Owned Housing Units Authorized in Permit‐Issuing Places

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Quarter Comparison

  • Starts Down 6.0%
  • Completions Up 0.2%
  • Permits Down 3.4%

Residential construction rates to subtract from second quarter GDP.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Housing Starts Jump 5% in May, Permits Dip 4.6%: 2nd-Quarter GDP Looking Solid

Housing starts rose a solid 5% in May with permits down 4.6%. Starts are more important so this was a good report.

Housing Starts Jump 9.2%, Permits Decline 5.7%

Housing starts are up but permits are down. The current overall level of activity is less than occurred in 1962.

Housing Starts and Permits Well Below Most Pessimistic Estimates

Economists expected a small pullback in housing starts and permits. Instead, those aspects of the report were a disaster

Housing Starts and Permits Rebound in March but Strength Entirely Multi-Family

Housing starts rose 1.9 percent in March led by multi-family. Single-family starts dipped 3.7 percent.

Housing Slowly Rolling Over: June Permits Down 6.1%, Starts Down 0.9%

Today's new residential construction report spotlights a housing sector that is slowly rolling over.

Housing Starts Jump 12.3%, Permits 7.7%, Completions, 2.4%

Likely spurred on by falling interest rates, housing stats and permits jumped in August.

Housing Continues to Weaken: Starts Decline 5.3%, Permits Down 0.6%

Starts, permits, and completions are down across the board as home buying continues to weaken.

Mediocre Housing Numbers: Single-Family Starts and Permits Down, Multi-Family Up

Today's construction report shows permits fell 0.6%, single-family starts fell 1.8%, but multi-family starts rose 1.6%.

Housing Starts Rise 3.2% but Single-Family Starts Dive Another 4.6%

Housing starts rebounded in December but the strength is entirely in multi-family units.