An interesting question arose in response to the CPI report today.

I commented BLS Reports Tame Inflation as Medical Costs Soar Out of Sight

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A reader is looking for someone whose cost of living matches the reported CPI.

"One day I hope to turn on cable news and meet Mr. hypothetical person whose cost of living mirrors the CPI."


Those who cost of living won't come close to matching the CPI.

Those Not Close

  1. In college
  2. Have high interest student debt
  3. Looking to buy a home
  4. Pay for own health care insurance
  5. Have high interest credit card debt
  6. Live in a high-rent city

If you meet any of those six criteria, and there are likely many others, your cost of living will likely not come close to the purported CPI.

Curiously, we likely come close.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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