Top 10 Metro Area Changes

Case Shiller 10-City Metro changes 2020-11

Home prices in five of the top 10 metro areas in the country have declined since mid-2000.

Case Shiller 20-City Metro Second Tier 

Case Shiller 20-City Metro Second Tier 2020-11

Case Shiller 20-City Metro Tier II 

Case Shiller 20-City Metro Changes Tier II

In the second tier of top 20 cities, only Phoenix was in the red.

Overall Losers

  1. Las Vegas: -14.38% 
  2. Chicago: -13.67%
  3. Miami: -8.46%
  4. Phoenix: -6.32%
  5. New York: -5.61%
  6. Washington DC: - 2.66%

Overall Winners

  1. Denver: +67.52%
  2. Dallas: +58.44%
  3. Seattle: +43.47%
  4. Portland: +36.03%
  5. Charlotte: +31.16%
  6. Boston: +29.98%
  7. San Francisco: +29.91%
  8. Atlanta: +17.90%
  9. Cleveland: +11.72%
  10. San Diego: +11.60%
  11. Los Angeles: +11.25%
  12. Minneapolis: +8.27%
  13. Detroit: +3.59%
  14. Tampa: +2.22%

Case Shiller Region Descriptions

Case Shiller Region Descriptions

Case Shiller Composite Indexes 

Case Shiller Composite Indexes 2020-11

Case Shiller Composite Changes

Case Shiller Composite Changes 2020-11

In contrast to the cities that peaked at various times, the composites and the national index all peaked in February of 2007. 

At the national level we have exceeded the peak of the prior housing bubble although results vary widely by city.


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