Not Getting It

Wall Street Journal writer Jason Riley laments "Bloomberg's past accomplishments in business and politics are liabilities among today’s Democrats."

With that lead-in, Riley tries to explain Why Bloomberg’s Candidacy Is Terminal.

It isn’t that Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t have a solid record of accomplishments as a private citizen and elected official. He built one of the world’s most successful financial-media companies and is now worth an estimated $54 billion. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, last year he donated $767 million to various charities, second only to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. And as mayor of New York from 2002 to 2013, he oversaw an expansion of school choice for low-income minorities and sharp reductions in violent crime and incarceration.

Mr. Bloomberg’s problem is that these past accomplishments in business and politics are liabilities among today’s Democrats. To win the support of teachers unions, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have attacked the charter-school movement that Mayor Bloomberg championed. And the social-justice activists now ascendant in the party are far more interested in racial parity among people arrested than in reducing crime rates and keeping the streets safe. Progressives view the Mike Bloombergs of the world primarily as rhetorical punching bags who should have their wealth confiscated by politicians and then sprinkled among others in society who are considered more deserving.

Mr. Bloomberg is very much aligned with today’s Democrats on any number of other issues. He can check off all the right boxes on climate change, tax hikes and gun control, for example. But none of those views distinguish him in the current field or justify his decision to join the race.

Pandering to the Radicals

Riley is correct that a majority of Democrats don't like Bloomberg.

So what?

Forget the Base

Why appeal to the radicals? Where are they going? I ask the same questions of Republicans and Democrats alike.

If given a choice between Biden or Bloomberg vs Trump, Progressives will vote for Biden or Bloomberg.

Q: Why?

A: Under no circumstances will they vote for Trump.

So how is Bloomberg a liability?

What About Independents?

Independents might easily vote for Biden or Bloomberg. In contrast, they might not easily vote for Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren.

In fact, Harris and Warren, darlings of the Progressives, might be the only people that Trump could beat.

These kinds of honest assessments get me in hot water.

Flashback 2008

In February of 2008, before Obama even won the nomination, I made this post: Obama: The Next President Of The United States

I discussed "Yes We Can", an excellent campaign slogan, and concluded "Destiny: Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America."

It was a political opinion, and a correct one. I didn't even vote for Obama (I did not vote Republican either), but I was accused of being an Obama lover for years.

Hot water

I am again in hot water today. I responded to a Tweet about Kamala Harris. I called her unqualified.

Why? Because, and I explained, I do not believe she can be elected. This of course brought out all sorts of Tweets about me being a racist male, especially from a self-proclaimed black feminist.


Both Extremes

This post, no doubt will bring attacks from Republicans who believe Trump to be invincible and radical progressives on the other end.

Simple Question

Q: Why did Trump Win?

A: Democrats nominated, Hillary Clinton, the most radical lightning rod at the time. Then Clinton ran what is likely the worst campaign in history.

Let's get to the heart of the matter.

Republicans Cannot Re-Elect Trump, Democrats Can!

Trump has upset so many people, even in his own party, that I believe the only way he can win is if Democrats nominated another lightning rod.

At the top of the list are Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

The US simply is not ready for an extreme radical leftist person like Warren.

Independents would not vote for her. Independents did vote for Obama, en masse.

Merely making such statements gets me in hot water.

But It's not my desire to elect another white male boomer fogey. I could care less. I do care about ideas.

Candidate Appeal

I am a staunch anti-war, fiscal conservative, Libertarian, who does not give a damn about race, religion, sex, or age. I believe in equal rights. I also believe in the right to choose. If two women or two men want to get married, I believe it's none of my business.

If either party nominated such a person, young or old, black or white or purple, I would vote for that person.

I believe many independents feel the same way.

None of these candidates appeal to me. Among other things, Trump fails the fiscal conservative test.

Electoral Crapshoot

Q: Once again, where are the radicals going?

A: Nowhere, in both parties. The core will vote core.

To win the election then, a candidate must appeal to the middle. Otherwise, it's an electoral crapshoot as Democrats found out with Hillary.

So, if Democrats want to help re-elect Trump, they should nominate the most radical person they can find. One of them just backed out. Elizabeth Warren is still in the batter's box.

This does not mean I back Biden. I don't. Nor do I back Bloomberg. Nor do I back men.

I back ideas, not people. Age, race, or sex, does not matter.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock