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The Wall Street Journal reports Polish Nationalist Youth March Draws Thousands in Capital.

Tens of thousands of Poles marched across downtown Warsaw on Saturday, in an independence-day procession organized by a nationalist youth movement that seeks an ethnically pure Poland with fewer Jews or Muslims.

The largely young crowd shot off roman candles and many chanted “fatherland,” carrying banners that read “White Europe,” “Europe Will Be White” and “Clean Blood.” Some of the marchers flew in from Hungary, Slovakia and Spain and waved flags and symbols that those countries used during their wartime collaboration with Nazi Germany.

The Radical Camp has been holding independence-day marches since 2009. Until several years ago, it struggled to attract more than a few hundred people. In the past three years, it has become the largest independence-day occasion in Poland, and one of the largest nationalist marches of its kind anywhere in Europe. Saturday’s was expected to be the largest ever. Police estimated the crowd at 60,000.

The group holds a staunch nativist standpoint, saying the European Union and Russia represent equal threats to Polish sovereignty. It argues that Polish people should nationalize the assets belonging to foreign corporations and distribute the profits across an ethnically homogenous state

On Saturday, Polish state television called the procession a “great march of patriots.


The group has regularly held events to mark a 1936 pogrom against Jews. Its symbols were displayed on a banner that appeared over a Warsaw bridge, reading: “Pray for Islamic Holocaust.”

This year, the group said it was adopting a new slogan, a quote from a July speech here by President Donald Trump : “We want God.”

We Want God

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Extremists everywhere wants God, as long as it's their God.

Major Religions

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In the name of God and religious purity, it makes perfect sense for Protestants to detest Catholics, and Sunnis to behead Shiites.

So let there be a Holocaust for the Shiites, the Sunnis, the Jews, the Protestants, the Buddhists, the Catholics, and the Hinduists. Of course, you get to leave your religion out of the Holocaust group.

Heaven forbid the atheists take over and put an end to religious wars. God, whatever he, she, or it may or may not be, surely would not want that.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock