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Key Points

  • The surge varies widely, state by state.
  • The four highest percentage states are SD, NE, IL, WI.
  • The four lowest percentage states are VT, HI, ME, NH.
  • All of the top four states have a percentage of Covid beds over 20%.

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  1. Illinois has worst COVID-19 week in months as deaths, hospitalizations continue rise . Illinois reported over 100 COVID-19 deaths for the fourth straight day Saturday.
  2. Rhode Island COVID-19 hospitalizations at 'tipping point' as officials issue warnings "We are on a very bad path toward overwhelming our hospitals."
  3. COVID-19 hospitalizations at record high in Washington, hospitals work to keep beds open
  4. U.S. reports nearly 200,000 new coronavirus cases as more than 1,500 people die daily
  5. More than 82,100 people are currently hospitalized with Covid-19 across the country, more than at any point during the pandemic, according to data from the COVID Tracking Project.
  6. 28-Year-Old ER Doctor Hospitalized for COVID: ‘I Want People to Understand How Serious This Is’
  7. New COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations smash nationwide daily records
  8. US coronavirus hospitalizations, new cases break record for second straight day
  9. Maine COVID-19 hospitalizations continue surge to record level, with EMMC and MaineGeneral bearing biggest burdens
  10. Coronavirus hospitalizations in St. Louis area and Missouri, Illinois again top records

Fake News Report

  • Covid is "No Worse Than the Flu"TM
  • Covid is a scan perpetrated by Bill Gates in collusion with George Soros.
  • Hospitals are just out for the money. 

Rationing in Utah

Utah hospitals have begun informal rationing of care, doctors say, as they cope with surge of COVID-19 patients.