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Unfortunately, Harvey re-strengthened and Houston may see another five days of rain.

ABC News reports ‘Unprecedented’ flooding ‘beyond anything expected’ inundates Houston area, at least 3 dead.

Houston is being inundated with “unprecedented” flooding after the ferocious Hurricane Harvey set in over the Texas Gulf Coast this weekend, dumping torrential rain on the city with no end in sight for days.
The National Hurricane Center said at least 50 inches of rain has fallen in some areas, and one meteorologist estimated some 340 billion gallons of rainfall inundated the area.
A bulletin said, “This is a flash flood emergency from the Bay City area to Wharton to Waller across the Houston Metro area to Stafford to Friendswood to League City and Santa Fe. Travel across the area is severely hampered if not impossible. Over 1,000 high water rescues have been performed and in some places emergency crews cannot reach the worst hit areas.”
What’s ahead: More rain, flooding, tornadoes
“We are still expecting 25 to 30 inches [of rain] across southeast Texas,” ABC News Meteorologist Daniel Manzo said Saturday. “This is in addition to what has already fallen this morning.”

Catastrophic Floods in Houston, Five Reported Dead

The New York Times reports Harvey Brings Catastrophic Floods to Houston; at Least Five Reported Dead

  • At least five deaths and more than a dozen injuries were reported by Sunday in the aftermath of Harvey, the hurricane that tore across the Gulf Coast of Texas over the weekend.
  • The powerful system, now a tropical storm, pounded the region with torrential rains that were expected to continue for days, causing catastrophic flooding, according to the National Hurricane Center.
  • The public hospital for Harris County, which includes Houston, began evacuating patients after flooding disrupted its power supply.
  • The National Weather Service forecast rainfall of 15 to 25 inches through Friday, with as much as 50 inches in a few areas.
  • Emergency responders completed more than 1,000 high-water rescues during the night, and asked the public to donate boats.



4-5 More Days of Rain

CNN reports Officials Warn Deluged Houston Could See 4-5 More Days of Rain.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez urged people to think twice before they leave their house and wade through water.
“If water gets in but it’s not life threatening, I’m going to ask you simply stay put. Do not get on the roadway,” he said.
Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña adds that they have responded to 2,500 calls and have about 1,000 more waiting to be serviced.
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asked residents to use restraint in calling 911.”I know people who call 911 may not be getting a response. Let’s give preference to the life-threatening calls,” Turner said.
Turner defended his decision not to order evacuations before Harvey made landfall Friday. Nobody was sure exactly where the storms would hit, he said.”If you give an order to evacuate, you create a nightmare” if it’s not done right, he said.
Callers to the local emergency dispatch line told of walls and roofs collapsing across the city. An official there had warned those who opted to stick out the storm to write their Social Security numbers on their arms for body identification.
Brock Long, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said Saturday that Harvey would leave areas “uninhabitable for weeks or months,” echoing language last seen ahead of Hurricane Katrina in 2005."

Second Landfall

Storm Video

Drone Damage Footage

It’s amazing only five people are reported dead after all of this. Best wishes to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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