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No Bid Contract for $86,947,271

Here is the Justification for the No-Bid Contract awarded to Family Endeavors Inc. (FEI), a non-profit corporation.

The $352 per day contract covers meals, transportation, language assistance, trauma care, and legal assistance. 

In short, the per day contract seems like a bargain, especially given the fact we are discussing cost per family, not per person.

The housing units are located in El Paso, TX; Cotulla TX; and Chandler, AZ.

The lead image is from U.S. to keep migrant families in hotels amid rush for space.

Over 170,000 Illegal Immigrants Flood the US in March, Most in a Decade

All things considered, the cost per bed seems reasonable until you ponder Over 170,000 Illegal Immigrants Flood the US in March, Most in a Decade

Biden wants to house illegal immigrants in churches, stadiums, and summer camps. 

His administration is also racing to expand capacity to humanely house a growing number of child migrants in emergency intake sites.

When Will Family Endeavors Inc. Release Them?

That's the key question and I suspect the answer is as soon as FEI can find family members or other willing parties to take them, perhaps even sooner. 


The Federalist comments "After three days of sleeping in the hotel, migrant families who entered the country illegally will then be freed into the United States with a court date to be determined."

Show up in court? Please be serious.

In terms of solving the problem, it’s like roasting marshmallows at the scene of the fire,” James Carafano, a national security scholar at The Heritage Foundation told The Federalist.

Biden's Plan

Now we see Biden's plan, but what happens after 199 days? And what do we do with the continuous flood of illegal immigrants?

If the families are kept for 3 days as per the Federalist comment, then we can apply the following math:

1,239 families * 199 days  / 3 days per stay = 82,187 families released into the US over the course of the next 199 days. 

Then what? Does the problem suddenly vanish?

Biden's plan is a face-saving, bucket-kicking fiasco, not a solution. 

Once the word gets out (and it probably has already) the flood of illegals attempting to get into the US will increase, perhaps dramatically.