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Will He Or Won't He?

The question tonight is whether Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will cave into Trump's blackmail or not.

In separate measures, the House Voted to Increase Stimulus Checks to $2,000 and Override Trump Veto of Defense Bill

The House on Monday voted to override President Trump’s veto of a $740.5 billion defense policy bill, sending the bill to the Senate and putting it on track to be the first legislation to become law over Mr. Trump’s objections.

Mr. Trump had rejected the bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act over provisions that remove base names that honor Confederate officers and set troop levels abroad, as well as the legislation’s lack of language revoking internet platforms’ broad immunity for the content they publish from users on their sites. 

The override vote, which required a two-thirds supermajority, was 322 to 87, with a majority of Republicans joining most Democrats in breaking with the president. The GOP-controlled Senate is expected to consider the bill as soon as Wednesday. The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a flurry of last-minute legislation, the House also approved sending $2,000 stimulus checks to many Americans, a day after Mr. Trump signed a Covid-aid bill into law but said that the $600 payments in that package were too small.

The House passed the stimulus-checks bill 275 to 134, with 44 Republicans joining almost all Democrats in support, exceeding the two-thirds required under fast-track procedures. The legislation increases the amount of the checks to $2,000, up from $600 per adult and per child for individuals with adjusted gross incomes under $75,000. A family of four that qualifies for the payments would get $8,000 under the proposal.

Trump's Objections

Trump objects to the NDAA defense bill because it renames bases with Confederate names, because it does not repeal section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, and because it limits how much money can be used on emergency military construction.

Trump used an alleged emergency to fund a portion of the wall. 

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He is upset at section 230 because he does not like how Twitter and social media have blocked or commented on his repeated election lies.

McConnell Is At Bat

There are two issues in play, the NDAA and the stimulus checks. 

The first is an override setup, the second is new legislation. 

If the Senate caves in, Trump will own McConnell and the party in general.

For that reason, I suspect Trump will strike out on both. 

This is despite threats from Trump and supporters to field candidates against any Republicans who refuse to go along with Trump's demands.