Trump has a Three Phase Plan to Reopen America

  • Phase one: Restaurants, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship and gyms can reopen if they observe strict social distancing. Elective surgeries can resume when appropriate on an outpatient basis.
  • Phase two: Schools and organized youth activities like camps can reopen. Nonessential travel can resume, and people can start circulating in parks, outdoor recreational areas and shopping centers, while avoiding gatherings of more than 50 individuals unless unspecified precautionary measures are taken.
  • Phase three: Vulnerable individuals can resume public interactions but practice social distancing. Employers can resume unrestricted staffing of workplaces. Large public venues can operate under limited social distancing rules. Visits to senior care facilities and hospitals can resume.

Trump Will "Allow" What He Can't

In his national address, Trump said he "If they [the states] need to remain closed we would allow them to do that."

That is of course ridiculous. It is not Trump's prerogative to forbid or allow states to open or shut. 

He can make recommendation and he did, 18 pages of them if you click on the above link.

Movie Theater Questions Abound


  1. How does the theater enforce distancing at these checkpoints: entering, seating, concession stands, rest rooms? 
  2. Would the theaters be profitable with those restrictions?
  3. Where's the movies? Movie releases have been delayed and blockbusters won't be the first offerings. 
  4. Assuming the theaters open up, would you go?
  5. How many people are now accustomed to watching movies at home on Netflix etc, and won't easily go back to overpaying for the seat and massively overpriced popcorn?

Ultimately, it's one thing to suggest movie theaters can open first, it's another thing to say you will "allow" it, and it is a third thing to get people in the door.

Finally, given that the decision is up to the states, If New York, California, Illinois and other big states open up slowly, the new releases will not even be that attractive.

But this is in the eyes of a person who goes to see a movie about once every two years, if that. And I only watch TV a couple hours a month as well.

So you tell me: How likely is this idea? The same question applies to restaurants as well. 

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

If You Need to Be Somewhere, Get There Before You Can't

The closures of restaurants, bars, and gatherings is picking up steam. If you absolutely have to be someplace, go now.

Inflation Targets: If You Can't Hit the Goal, Raising the Goalpost Won't Help

The ECB is wondering if it can produce more inflation if it has higher targets. The notion is complete silliness.