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If Trump Won in 2020, What Would Have Changed?

I suggest 15 major things would not have changed and one that would have. Can you guess the one.
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What If, Policy By Policy

Afghanistan: Biden got us out. Trump pledged to. Assuming Trump would have finally kept his promise, he would likely have not brutally messed up the exit. However, there is no long term difference. Out is out unless you believe Trump lied.

Tariffs: Biden continued Trump's tariff policy. They are two peas in the same protectionist pod.

Roe v Wade: Roe looks to be overturned. And if Trump remained in office, there would be no difference.

Mexican Border: The courts rolled back much of what Biden tried to do. It's unclear if anything of substance would be different, thanks mostly to the courts. However, let's give Trump the benefit of the doubt on this one. Things would be marginally better.

Build Back Better: Trump would never have proposed anything so stupid. But BBB didn't pass, so no change. 

Woke Education Promotion: The White House message would surely be different, but there would be no change practically speaking. The Blue states would still be gung ho and the Red states resisting. 

Russia Invasion: Trump claims Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he was still in office. However, his claim is baseless. Trump has made many laughable claims including Mexico would pay for the wall and trade wars are easy to win. If you think Trump would have stopped this, please tell us how. Would Trump send in US troops? Hell no. What then? Nuclear war? Add it all up and you get no difference. Recall that Trump threatened to leave NATO. 

Russia Sanctions: There are no more sanctions in the sanction hat. Biden and Trump policy would have been identical or nearly so. However, Trump would be moaning incessantly to Germany "I told you so" over the EU's dependence on Russian gas.

More Military Spending: No change. Democrats and Republicans are on the war bandwagon. 

Tax Hikes: Trump would not have been on board. However, thanks to Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, Biden's proposed tax hikes now seem unlikely. 

Covid: No difference. Trump would not have proposed all the idiotic lockdown measures that Biden did. However, the courts struck down those Biden executive mandates.

Inflation: Trump could not have done any more than Biden when it comes to supply chain disruptions from Covid. Nor would Trump have done anything about the Fed's inane QE policy that fueled inflation all the way until March of 2022. Trump was the one who put eviction moratoriums in place, Biden extended them until the courts finally struck them down. Perhaps the moratoriums would have ended a bit sooner in Red states, but no difference in Blue ones. Perhaps one might argue that the last stimulus package would not have happened. But please Recall Trump moaned when Republicans reduced the stimulus measures that Trump proposed.

Ending the Filibuster: No change thanks to Manchin and Sinema,

Climate Change: Biden had many terrible ideas. Fortunately, Manchin and Sinema came to the rescue once again.

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General Policy:  No change. The Democrats would still have control of the House. Trump would not have been able to enact much of any legislation. Thanks to Manchin and Sinema, Biden has been unable to do much of anything either. 

With Democrats in control of the House, Trump would not have gotten any of his legislation passed even had he been reelected. 

What Would Have Changed?

There is one key thing that would have changed. Do you see what it is? 

Instead of Biden and the Democrats taking the heat over inflation in the midterm elections, it would have been Trump and the Republicans had Trump won.

Curiously, Republicans should be very grateful that Trump lost. 

The above post has been in my head for months. The following idea finally triggered my writing it.

Wrath of Trump Tariffs Still Bites but Both Parties Happy to Continue

Trump used USA first and China bashing to promote tariffs. 

Both parties are now on board even as the Wrath of Trump Tariffs Still Bites

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