Vote For Change!

One of my readers made a set of comments a few days ago that I want to share. 

  1. If you want endless wars, you have two choices, Trump or Biden, both will continue fighting wars. 
  2. If you want increased deficit spending, you have two choices, Trump or Biden. Both will continue to increase the national debt. It is just a matter of where you want the last $200-$500 Billion to be spent.
  3. If you want more government in your lives, you have two choices, Trump or Biden. Neither will do anything to decrease the amount of intrusiveness in our lives. 
  4. If you want more partisan bickering, you have two choices, Biden or Trump. Neither will solve the problem, it isn't in their best interest to solve anything.
  5. Nobody I talk to is interested in voting "for" Biden or "for" Trump. They are voting AGAINST one or the other. Is this what we really want? 
  6. I choose to vote FOR Jo Jorgensen.

I Endorse Jo Jorgensen for President

In case you missed it, please see my endorsement: I Endorse Jo Jorgensen for President

Vote For Change!


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