After hinting he would so so, Governor Pritzker just announced All Illinois Bars, Restaurants Closed.

Three days after expressing frustration at long lines outside bars and revelers continuing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in public, Pritzker said all bars and restaurants are ordered to close as of close of business Monday, March 16, until March 30.

"Every choice that we face — every choice now — is hard and it comes with real consequences for our residents," Pritzker said. "I cannot let the gravity of these choices prevent us from taking the actions that the science and the experts" say is best, he said.

Hours earlier, Pritzker appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday morning, telling host Chuck Todd he was "looking hard" at making the decision to shut down bars and restaurants, similar to what France has recently done.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine also appeared on "Meet the Press"ordered his state's restaurants closed as well, hours after saying, "Everything we're doing is to save lives."

Airport Mess

Trump made a huge mess of things at many airports and Pritzker blasted him in a series of Tweets.

Lines at Ohare

Lines at Dallas Fort Worth

Trump's Idea

Screen all passengers from Europe. Provide no screeners.


Not Under Control

Clearly the coronavirus is not under control.

NYC Comptroller Wants to Shut All Restaurants and Bars

Just a bit ago I reported NYC Comptroller Wants to Shut All Restaurants and Bars

States are taking matters into their own hands.

March Madness Cancelled

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Nothing is immune from closure, not even March Madness.

Previously, the NCC announced the tournament would go on for players only, but when two players tested positive they cancelled it entirely.

If the coronavirus threat diminishes, it will be due to these strong social measures.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

NYC Comptroller Wants to Shut All Restaurants and Bars

New York City Comptroller, Scott Stringer, wants to shut down all nonessential services in the city.

Tax Cuts Fail to Stimulate Restaurant Sales

Same-restaurant sales fell 0.3% in January, ending three straight months of flat or positive growth.

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, First Lady Under Investigation tor Property Tax Fraud

Yet another Illinois governor is under criminal investigation. No other state comes close to Illinois corruption.

All Hail, Michael Madigan, Dictator of Illinois

One person controls Illinois more than any other. That person is not the Governor. Rather it’s Michael Madigan, Speaker of the House. And it’s been that way for 33 years.

Illinois Governor Seeks to Sell State Buildings and other Assets to Pay Pensions

Governor Prtizker released details of his plan to save Illinois. He made three of three of the worst possible choices.

The Next Jobs Report Will Be Bloody

Mall of America will temporarily close. Restaurants and bars in 16 states will close. Macy's will close. Much more.

Illinois, the King of Food Stamp Waiver Abuse

Trump has decided to enforce food stamp rules, everywhere, not Just Illinois. But Illinois provides the lesson.

Spotlight Danville, Illinois, My Home Town: Bankrupt

Danville Illinois is bankrupt. That's not an official announcement yet, but it will be. Pensions are at the heart of it.

Chicago Alderman Proposes “Fun Tax” on Rush Street Bars, Popular Pizza Restaurants

In an exclusive interview regarding articles that I have written on the plight of Chicago finances, a Chicago alderman told me that he knows how to fix what ails the city.