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Trump's View of Things

According to Trump

  • Martin Gugino "could be" an ANTIFA provocateur.
  • Gugino "appeared" to be scanning police communications in order to black out the equipment.
  • Gugino fell harder than he was pushed.
  • This "could be" a setup.

Video of the Incident

Let's play the video to see if what Trump says makes any sense at all.

Please play the above video and watch a man that police shoved to the ground, splitting his head with blood gushing out. 

I captured the Tweet in case Trump deletes it.

Absolutely Insane Tweet

Nearly 37,000 people retweeted that. But it is hard to know how many did so to show what a fool Trump is vs. those who actually support Trump.

Communications Blocker

Trump believes this to be a communications blocker 2

Not a Cell Phone #1

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Not a Cell Phone 1

Not a Cell Phone #2

Not a Cell Phone 2

Not a Cell Phone #3

Not a Cell Phone 3

Trump's Alleged Scenario

  1. 75-year old Martin Gugino is an ANTIFA provocateur with a communications blocker cleverly disguised to look like an iPhone.
  2. Gugino pointed his blocker straight at an invisible police communications device to disable it.
  3. Gugino fell harder than he was pushed. 
  4. That Gugino fell harder than he was pushed indicates this may have been a setup all along. 
  5. Fortunately for Gugino, police were able to summons medical help because Gugino's blocking efforts failed.

Buzzfeed reports Gugino, 75, remains in serious condition in hospital after hitting his head on the ground in an incident that sparked national outrage. Two Buffalo Police Department officers have been charged with second-degree assault, a felony.

Buzzfeed gives thanks to an "absolutely insane" report from pro-Trump cable outlet OAN.

Missing Angle

Did anyone test to see if that was really Gugino blood? I sure hope so. 

That blood "could be" fake.  A test "could" vindicate the police. 

And Trump just "may" have lost it. Nah. He lost it long ago.