In Amazon's Quest for Global Domination, India is a Success, China Not


Amazon is taking the lead in online orders and delivery in India, but it struggles to compete with Alibaba in China.

Jeff Bezos’s message to Amazon executives has been clear: Do whatever it takes and don’t worry about the cost. The Seattle-based giant has invested billions of dollars to woo consumers in India, China and other countries in Asia and Europe.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting video on that aspect in its article Inside Amazon’s Quest for Global Domination.

I cannot embed a non YouTube video but you can click on the above link to play it.

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Amazon has made huge inroads in India but not China where it struggles to compete with Alibaba.

Amazon may not rule everywhere, but that is the goal.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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As long as Amazon “investors” keeps supporting many of Amazon’s money loosing operations, they’ll remain hard to compete with. And who cares? If someone wants to support you by splitting the cost of your purchases with you, why not let them?

The important thing to focus on, is to ensure that no matter how big Amazon gets, and no matter how wealthy Bezos gets, the government will never, ever in a trillion years help them lock in advantages their subsidized growth has enabled them to attain. Meaning, no patentable processes, no exclusives, no special deals, no nothing. So that as soon as the subsidization dries up, anyone can just copy whatever Amazon is doing, perhaps improve it a bit, so that the competition will prevent Amazon from ever being able to rent seek by raising prices above a purely free-for-all competitive level. Things that truly does get more efficient with scale, will still provide areas where Amazon has an advantage. But nothing else will.

The US is probably too far gone down the road of a lawyer , bankster and “investor” centric corruptopia to prevent our largely and increasingly totalitarian regime from tilting the playing field in aid of the big and wealthy to the detriment of everyone else, domestic as well as foreign; but other countries should in no way be dissuaded from, heck should be encouraged to, treat most US intellectual property legalization as what it is: A steaming pile of manure, existing solely to aid a gang of useless, unproductive wastes of space in robbing productive people of their output and needy people of the stuff they need. The more thoroughly it’s all disregarded with abandon, the better.


One little data point: in the Netherlands, if AliExpress carries something that Amazon carries - which is often - I will buy it at AliExpress: less expensive, especially the shipping. East Asia produce an amazing range of products and generally of good enough quality.


Amazon will never make money in China because Jeff Bezos has no connections with the Communist Party. India has a better track record of providing a level-playing field, impartial judiciary and respect for propert-rights (compared to China).


Global domination is not equality.

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