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Seeking Straight Answers 

At a hearing this week, Sen. Roger Marshall questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on COVID-19 spreading due to the surge of migrants at the border.

Dr. Fauci is very skilled at ducking questions. My favorite clip is toward the end of the video. 

Marshall: Dr. Fauci, are you comfortable with what we are doing on the border from an ID standpoint?

Dr. Fauci: The reason I have to hedge on that is that I am not really very deeply familiar with the details of what's going on at the border.

Marshall: Whose job is it to know that?

Ducking Questions

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Fauci ducked every question including those on opening schools, something he ought to know about.

All he does is parrot the WHO as if he has no opinion of his own.

Disturbing Images of Migrant Center Conditions

Refusal to answer questions and attempts to hide what is really happening go hand-in-hand. 

Biden refused to discuss the border situation, repeatedly dodging reporters' questions until Leaked Images by a Texas Democrat forced the issue.

For discussion, please see Biden Tries to Hide Migrant Center Conditions But Disturbing Images Surface.