The Fed's Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization report shows total industrial production rose 5.4 percent in June after increasing 1.4 percent in May. 

June Key Points

  • Industrial Production rose 5.4% 
  • Manufacturing rose 7.2%
  • Utilities rose 4.2%
  • Capacity Utilization rose from 65.1% to 68.6%
  • Motor Vehicles and Parts rose 105.0%

Even with the two-month bounce, IP is  10.9 percent below its pre-pandemic February level. 


For the second quarter as a whole, the index fell 42.6 percent at an annual rate, its largest quarterly decrease since the industrial sector retrenched after World War II. 


Industrial Production Unexpectedly Declines

Industrial production unexpectedly slipped in March, down 0.1% vs an expected gain of 0.3%.

Industrial Production Up 0.2% - Mostly a Hurricane Artifact

Industrial Production rose 0.2% in November. Excluding the estimated hurricane impact, production would have been flat.

Industrial Production Jumps on Utilities (Cold Weather) and Mining

Industrial production rose a seemingly solid 0.9 percent in December until one looks at the details.

Industrial Production Rebounds after GM Strike Ends

With GM back in swing, Industrial production rose 1.1% after two dismal months.

Industrial Production Jumps: Another Hurricane Effect?

Industrial production rose 0.9% in October after a revised 0.4% in September. In reference to the discrepancy between industrial production and the regional Fed manufacturing reports, Econoday says "The last piece has fallen into place." What's the real story?

Industrial Production Shows Signs of Life

Industrial production jumped 1.1% in February led by manufacturing.

Industrial Production Much Stronger than Expected

Industrial production rose 0.6 percent vs the Bloomberg Econoday consensus estimate of 0.2 percent.