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Inflation Then Bubble Bust Deflation: A Video With Daniel Lacalle

I had the pleasure of a long video chat with European Economist Daniel Lacalle on Thursday. Here's the video.

Daniel Lacalle and I discuss Austrian economics, central bank policy, errors by the Fed and ECB, whether or not the inflation is transitory, bank lending, QE, and numerous other topics but not politics in a 1 hour video.

Yes, it's lengthy but we cover a lot of ground. I have followed Lacalle,@dlacalle_IA, on Twitter for years. 

The Fed via asset bubble blowing and encouragement of more unproductive debt has blown another big bubble. When it bursts, the result will be anything but inflationary.



Let's compare actions by the Bank of China to the Fed.

I specifically note financial repression echoing the sentiment of Michael Pettis in my post The Fed and the Bank of China Both Act to Punish Savers.



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