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by Mish

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Here are more images taken at the ICF location in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Tip Toe Thru the Marsh

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Self Admiration

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Bird Bath

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Diving for Minnows

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Diving for Minnows II

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I sadly announce that Hurricane Harvey devasted the International Crane Foundation Houston program.

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You can help.

Message from the ICF

During this challenging time, our hearts go out to the people of coastal Texas and all areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. We also are deeply saddened by the devastating flooding that continues to impact Houston and surrounding areas. We at the International Crane Foundation have staff and offices in Rockport and other Texas Gulf coastal areas that suffered a direct hit by the Category 4 hurricane this past weekend.
We are thankful our staff are safe. Our office, unfortunately, was destroyed. As members of the Rockport and broader Texas Gulf coastal community, we are committed to ensuring that our Texas program continues to support the people, landscape and wildlife of the area, especially Endangered Whooping Cranes. We’ve established a donation site specifically to help with cleanup and site renovation in this hard-hit area.
You can help by donating today.

In case you missed them please see my first two articles taken in Baraboo.

Images of blue cranes, wattled cranes, and grey-crowned cranes are on the way, thanks to the wonderful work of the ICF.

Save the cranes!

Please consider a Donation to the International Crane Foundation.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock