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Hello Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Juncker

I asked that at 7:55 PM on Tuesday

Wednesday morning at roughly 3:00 AM UK MP Daniel Hannan asked a similar question.

Will Mexico Pay for the Irish Border?

EU Insistence

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Since the EU insists there will be a backstop or a hard border, will someone, anyone, please tell me how that is going to work if Boris Johnson says the UK won't abide by it and Ireland insists there will not be a border.


Someone is lying, and it is not Boris Johnson.

In case you disagree Let's Discuss Brexit (and How the EU Bragged, on Film, About Screwing the UK).

No one supports a border.

This is the most obvious bluff in history and either Theresa May was dumb enough to fall for it it or she willingly went along with it.

I strongly suspect the latter.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock