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Irony of the Day: NATO Vows to Defend the Nord Steam Pipeline From Attack

There are now four documented leaks in Nord Stream pipeline. Sabotage of the pipeline is now certain, but by whom?
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Nord Stream image from Tweet below, with translation.

Nord Stream image from Tweet below, with translation.

NATO Formally Blames Sabotage for Nord Stream Pipeline Damage

When Russia shut pipelines do to leaks, few believed there were leaks. But now, major explosions in the pipeline lead to a new question. Who's responsible for the sabotage?

Please consider NATO Formally Blames Sabotage for Nord Stream Pipeline Damage

NATO said that a series of leaks on the Nord Stream pipelines between Russia and Europe were the result of sabotage and that attacks on its members’ infrastructure would be met with a collective response from the military alliance.

The statement, from the North Atlantic Council, the decision-making body of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, didn’t provide details or evidence. It also noted that the damage to the pipelines occurred in international waters. But it marks the first time the alliance has formally warned that it would deter and defend against attacks on its members’ critical infrastructure following the now four documented leaks in the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines.

At a NATO meeting Wednesday evening, Danish officials said the pipelines were damaged by several explosions Monday with the force of 500 kilograms of TNT (about 1,100 pounds), officials familiar with the discussions said.

Swedish and Danish authorities said Thursday that a total of four leaks—two in the waters of each country—had been verified. The Swedish Coast Guard said the fourth leak—the second in Swedish waters-—was discovered earlier this week around the same time as the first. The second leak is smaller, and emissions from that leak are weakening, according to the agency’s ongoing surveillance of the site.

The Nord Stream pipelines are vast, laid mostly along the seabed, each more than 750 miles long. The explosions were large enough to be detected by seismographs in Sweden.

The leaks raised nerves among traders about the prospect for further supply disruptions. Russia had already throttled gas exports to Europe in recent months in what European officials have called an economic attack.

Pipeline Attacks 

"The sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines is of deep concern. #NATO is committed to deter and defend against hybrid attacks. "

"Any deliberate attack against Allies’ critical infrastructure would be met with a united and determined response," said Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General.

Determined Response

What's does "determined response" mean? War with Russia?

Is Russia sabotaging it's own pipeline? Why?

Stranger things have happened, but I fail to see why Russia would do this. Russia could easily shut off all supply without resorting to destroying the pipelines.

Forbes Blames Russia 

Explosion Location

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Whose Best Interest is Served?

Whose best interest is it to get a NATO response? Russia, Poland, Ukraine, US? 

I have no firm opinion, but as long as we are getting into unfounded allegations, here's another one. 

Please consider the Russian response.

Kremlin Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov replied “This area is the Baltic Sea. There were many more aircraft, ships or other marine vehicles from NATO countries there. So, these reports [of Russia’s involvement] are absolutely ridiculous…and biased.

Irony of the Day 

Europe wants to wean itself from Russian oil and gas, but apparently not now. 

And NATO vows to keep the pipeline operational but no European county wants to use it. 

Strike that. No European country wants to admit they still want the pipeline. 

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