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Bolton's book, “The Room Where It Happened” recounts his 17-month tenure serving the Trump administration.

He alleges that the president consistently prioritized his re-election and his family’s well-being ahead of the national interest when he made decisions. 

Trump Accuses Bolton of Being a Sick Puppy

Bolton Says Trump Not Fit for Office

Bloomberg reports Bolton Says Trump Not Fit for Office, Lacks the ‘Competence’ to Be President

Emergency Request to Halt Publication

District Judge Royce Lamberth in Washington considers the government’s emergency request to stop the release of the former national security adviser’s book sharply critical of President Trump.

The Justice Department sued Mr. Bolton earlier this week, accusing him of violating his employment agreements with the government by including classified information in the manuscript. On Wednesday, it asked the court to issue a temporary restraining order and injunction to block publication, and sought the Friday hearing.

Bolton Counters

Mr. Bolton’s attorneys argue that he had fulfilled his nondisclosure obligations once Ms. Knight confirmed on April 27 that there was no classified information in the revised manuscript, and that Mr. Trump and his administration sought to delay publication by withholding the pro forma letter certifying the review was done.

“If the First Amendment stands for anything, it is that the Government does not have the power to clasp its hand over the mouth of a citizen attempting to speak on a matter of great public import,” the attorneys wrote.

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Realistically, What Can Trump Do?

People have already reviewed the book and thousands of copies of the book were printed in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Also, thousands more shipped to Canada and India for sale next week. How is Trump going to stop those?

Classified Material

Trump says the book contains classified material. 

What in the Book? 

Here are the Eight Alleged Bombshells.

  1. Trump pleaded with China to help win the 2020 election
  2. Trump suggested he was open to serving more than two terms
  3. Trump offered favors to authoritarian leaders
  4. Trump praised Xi for China’s internment camps
  5. Trump defended Saudi Arabia to distract from a story about Ivanka
  6. Trump’s top staff mocked him behind his back
  7. Trump thought Finland was part of Russia
  8. Trump thought it would be ‘cool’ to invade Venezuela

I suspect book is going to be a complete anticlimax flop as well as an embarrassment to Bolton and Trump.

We will find out soon enough as there is no chance of stopping the release globally.