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Italy Connections

  1. Italy Cases Today: 566 new cases and 5 new deaths in Italy, for a total of 1,694 cases.
  2. Italy Cases Yesterday: 239 new cases and 8 new deaths in Italy.
  3. Italy Total Cases: Among the 1,577 active cases, 779 (49%) are hospitalized, 140 of which (representing 9% of active cases) are in intensive care. Among the 117 closed cases, 83 (71%) have recovered, 34 (29%) have died.
  4. Scotland from Italy: 1st case in Scotland (UK) a "resident of the Tayside area and has recently travelled from northern Italy".
  5. Iceland from Italy: 1 new case in Iceland: a man in his 60s who arrived from Verona, Italy, yesterday with Icelandair.
  6. Finland from Italy: 5 new cases in Finland: including an elderly person and a school-aged child, both related to a previous case who had travelled to northern Italy.
  7. Czech Republic from Italy: First 3 cases in Czech Republic. They had all recently traveled to Northern Italy.
  8. Algeria from Italy: 1 new case in Algeria: an Italian citizen.
  9. Netherlands from Italy: 5 new cases in the Netherlands: Three of them visited Lombardy, Italy.
  10. Mexico from Italy: 1 new case in Mexico: first in Chiapas, a student who had traveled to Italy.
  11. US from Italy: 1 in Rhode Island: a man in his 40s who had traveled to Italy in mid-February.
  12. Luxembourg from Italy: 1st case in Luxembourg: a man around the age of 40 who returned from Italy through Charleroi last week with his family.
  13. Spain from Italy: 25 new cases in Spain. At least one arrived from Italy.
  14. Switzerland from Italy: 10 new cases in Switzerland, of which 4 in the circle of two children of an Italian family in Graubünden who tested positive last week.
  15. Norway from Italy: 1 new case in Norway: an employee at the eye department at Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, as tests were conducted on 4 staff members with symptoms after that, on Feb. 28, Covid-19 infection was confirmed in a staff member who had traveled to Northern Italy, showed symptoms on Sunday but still went to work on Monday and Tuesday.
  16. Brazil from Italy: 1 new case in Brazil (second in the country): as with the first case, the person was in Italy.
  17. UK from Italy: 12 new cases in the UK. 6 had traveled to Italy. 2 had traveled to Iran
  18. Italy Flight Cancellations: American Airlines has announced it is suspending flights to and from Milan, Italy from both New York and Miami from March 1, 2020 until April 25, 2020, citing reduced demand. The announcement comes only hours after the U.S. State Department said it was raising its travel warning to Level 4: Do Not Travel for parts of Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak

Iran Connections

  1. Iran New Cases: 385 new cases and 11 new deaths in Iran
  2. Qatar from Iran: 2 new cases in Qatar: they had both been evacuated from Iran
  3. Bahrain from Iran: 6 new cases in Bahrain: 3 female Bahraini nationals, 2 male Bahraini nationals and 1 male Saudi national, arriving at Bahrain International Airport via indirect flights from Iran.
  4. Iraq from Iran: 6 new cases in Iraq: 2 in Baghdad, 4 in Sulaimaniya. They had all recently traveled to Iran.
  5. Lebanon from Iran: 3 new cases in Lebanon, all three had visited Iran.
  6. Georgia from Iran: 1 new case in Georgia: a Georgian citizen who, having returned from Iran.
  7. Canada from Iran and Egypt: 5 new cases in Canada. Two traveled to Iran, one to Egypt.
  8. Travel Bans: Incoming travel from Iran to Australia is banned starting Sunday. Appropriate level of travel advisory to Italy is being considered. But "it's not possible to further isolate Australia," said Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy, adding that the focus should be on detection and containment instead.

Last Two Days Only

Those Iran and Italy details are from Worldometers for the last two days only.

Licking Madness in Iran

CDC Incompetence

Extreme Politicization by VP Pence and Donald Trump Jr

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Better Late than Never or Too Late to Matter?

Spotlight US and Canada

Trump has banned travel from Iran.

He needs to immediately ban are travel from Italy and South Korea as well.

Canada has not yet banned travel from Iran.

This is truly crazy.

What are they waiting for?

What's Happening

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