Imaginary Setup

  1. Suppose you are accused that on October 19, two weeks in the future, that you will break the law.
  2. You deny you will break the law.
  3. Someone files a lawsuit against you, asserting that you will indeed break the law.
  4. The high court of the nation agree to hear the case

The setup is not imaginary. It happened today. The case involves whether or not UK prime minister Boris Johnson will break the Benn Law requiring him to ask the EU for a Brexit extension.

Lawsuit Filed

The Guardian Live Blog fills in details.

As legal proceedings get back under way in Scotland, Maugham, one of those bringing the court of session legal action, has made further remarks to PA Media. "It’s impossible for him [Johnson] to say, as he’s been telling parliament and indeed the rest of us, that we will leave the EU on October 31, come what may. That is no longer a true statement, if ever it was a true statement, of the law and the prime minister acknowledges it."

On those grounds a lawsuit was filed and the case will be heard despite the fact "the UK government promised the highest civil court in Scotland that Boris Johnson would send a letter to the EU seeking an extension to article 50 as required by the Benn act."

Meanwhile, Leo Varadkar, the Irish premier, said that if Boris Johnson submitted a request for an extension he would agree.

Steve Baker Explains


This is certainly amusing because it seems impossibly contradictory.

However I offer this piece of advice.

Helpful Advice

If someone bets you the queen of hearts will jump out of the pack and spit grapefruit juice in your eye, and you take the bet, most likely you will get an eyeful of grapefruit juice.

Even if this is some sort of Johnson bluff, filing a lawsuit against someone before any crime is committed is totally absurd.

It also shows just how far Remainers will go to stop an action that was legally voted on.

The case should be thrown out with malice and a fine if possible.

Meanwhile, I stick with my assessment: The UK is On the Verge of a Brexit Breakthrough.

To that I add, Remainers are now scared shitless.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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