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Johnson 'Pauses' Brexit Legislation

Boris Johnson has confirmed he will set aside the bill that would implement his deal, despite the fact the Commons has just backed it, after his proposal to fast-track it through parliament was rejected by MPs.

He says he does not want a delay and will continue to discuss with EU27 leaders until they decide whether or not to grant one.

Amazing Feat But Still Short

  • Supposedly the EU would never remove the backstop.
  • Supposedly the EU would never change the political declaration
  • Supposedly the Benn Bill would require Johnson to seek a 3-month extension

None of those happened.

Johnson's Statement

Can I say in response how welcome it is, even joyful that for the first time in this long saga, this House has actually accepted its responsibilities together, come together, and embraced a deal?

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I congratulate honourable members across the House on the scale of our collective achievement because, just a few weeks ago, hardly anybody believed that we could reopen the withdrawal agreement, let alone abolish the backstop, that is indeed what they were saying.

And certainly nobody thought we could secure the approval of the House for a new deal and we should not overlook the significance of this moment.


According to Speaker John Bercow, the bill is in "Limbo".

MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said the bill is neither in heaven, nor hell, but rather purgatory.

It is now up to the EU and Johnson. If the EU offers a short delay only Johnson would likely take it.

I would caution against reading to much from Donald Tusk's statements. Tusk does not speak for the EU on this matter. He always wants delays, hoping for a reversal. It only takes one nation to disagree and demand a shorter extension.

A delay until January is certainly possible. It is not a given as it solves nothing!

Mike "Mish" Shedlock