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Ways It Could Matter

  1. It could take enough votes away from Biden to allow Sanders to win
  2. It could take enough votes away from everyone resulting in a brokered convention
  3. it could even propel Bloomberg to the nomination

Those are possible, but most likely distant long shots.

That said, this is not an irrelevant endorsement. Judge Judy likely has far bigger name recognition than many of the Democratic candidates.

Fourth Way

There is one more way in which it could matter. It could provide the impetus for Bloomberg to get into the Democratic debates.

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If this endorsement is the trigger, it could impact the nomination in unforeseen ways including a brokered convention.

Campaign Financing

  • Bloomberg, is worth about $60 billion. He can self-finance for as long as he wants.
  • Bernie Sanders is raising money faster than anyone else
  • Elizabeth Warren is the darling of the progressives. It's likely she stays in to the bitter end.
  • Joe Biden has support of Blacks and the moderates. He likely stays in until the end.

Four-Way Race

With Bloomberg on the debate stage, anything could happen.

He will have turned a 3-way race into a 4-way race.

That's potentially very important, whether or not Judge Judy has anything to do with it.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock