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In a sure sign that things are serious, Juncker is spouting a monstrous lie that “less is more” and that he is willing to return powers to national governments to shore up post-Brexit EU.

EU states could regain control over matters ranging from regional development to consumer protection, Jean-Claude Juncker, has suggested, setting out ideas to shore up the bloc after Brexit.
“Sometimes less is more. The EU 27 could focus on areas where we make a real difference,” Juncker told the European Parliament on Wednesday. “We should not make people believe that we can deliver the sun and the moon if we are only able to deliver a telescope.”
Juncker said the bloc could step back from regional development, public health and parts of employment and social policy. It could also allow more national power on state aid controls and set only a strict minimum for consumer protection and health and safety standards.
At the same time, all member states would grant the EU increased or exclusive responsibility for innovation, trade, security, migration, asylum claims, borders, and defense — with much stronger powers for Brussels to directly implement and enforce collective decisions. Such powers would be in line with far-reaching European oversight of competition policy and banking supervision.

Nations Get Control Over

  1. Regional development (something they had already)
  2. State aid controls (With only a strict minimum for consumer protection and health and safety standards)

EU Gets Exclusive Control Over


  1. Innovation
  2. Trade
  3. Security
  4. MigrationAsylum claims
  5. BordersDefense
  6. With much stronger powers for Brussels to directly implement and enforce collective decisions
  7. Far-reaching oversight of competition policy
  8. Far-reaching oversight of banking supervision

More is More

While preaching “less is more” details of Juncker’s proposal prove he wants the sun, the moon, and the stars in return for essentially nothing.

Things must be really serious for Juncker to be spouting like this. Of course, he could also be drunk.

Other than being a pompous buffoon, Jean-Claude Juncker is most famous for his statement “When it becomes serious, you have to lie“.

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