Parents are learning the hard way to protect their Amazon accounts from kids.

Please consider Move Over, Santa! Kids Are Asking Alexa to Bring Them Presents.

Zibby Owens was in therapy a few months ago when her phone started buzzing with notifications. They were texts from Amazon confirming that several “Paw Patrol” toys were en route to her house. “It was one after another,” said Ms. Owens, a New York-based podcast host.

She said she had allowed her son, then 4, to use her iPad while she was getting ready that morning. It had an shopping app on it. Her little boy figured out how to touch the microphone icon in the search bar in the Amazon app and say “Paw Patrol.” Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, obeyed, bringing up numerous toys from the popular children’s show. The little boy managed to add more than a dozen items to the cart and tap “buy.”

Paw Patrol and a Tesla

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I Wanted a Tesla, Not Pants

The stories are a riot.


One set of parents was wondering why the other ordered Tesla pants when their 5-year old son walked in and said “That’s not what I ordered. I wanted a Tesla.

My Question to Alexa

"Alexa, how many kids are ordering toys for themselves through you?"

Alexa did not know.

I then asked her who will be in the next Democratic debate. I expected Alexa to know that but she said "Sorry, I don't know that."

Undaunted, I asked "Alexa, how many times have people asked to marry you?"

She replied "I found an article on that. 9 times people asked to marry me."

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Tax Code Overhaul Details: Homebuilders, Tesla, and Those With Lots of Kids Come Out Worse

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Durable goods orders in December jumped 2.4% led by defense department spending. Otherwise, it was a pathetic report.

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