I am sad to report Kobe Bryant and 4 Others Die in Helicopter Crash.

Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant was among five people killed when a helicopter crashed and then caught fire on a hillside in the Calabasas area Sunday.

Sources have confirmed Kobe Bryant was reportedly on his way to a travel basketball game with his daughter Gianna when the helicopter crashed.

Last night I was watching sports clips and in a strange bit of irony, Kobe Bryant was passed up as the number three point scorer in NBA history by LeBron James, just yesterday.

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The above from List of National Basketball Association Career Scoring Leaders.

'Much Respect to My Brother'

Yesterday Kobe Bryant on LeBron James passing him: 'Much Respect to My Brother'.

When LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant on the NBA’s all-time scoring leaderboard on Saturday night, it was fair to wonder: How is Kobe taking the news? After all, he’s one of the fiercest — and most vocal — competitors we’ve ever seen.

Kobe isn’t always congratulatory when it comes to his competition, but he and LeBron seem to have grown to like each other. So the former Lakers star gave a shoutout on Twitter to the current Lakers star: “Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother.”

James passed Bryant’s career total of 33,643 points during the Lakers’ game against the Philadelphia 76ers. James is now third behind Karl Malone (36,928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38387).


Condolences to family and friends of Kobe Bryant.

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