I had lots of fun on the Lance Roberts show today.

Every time I am on with Lance, I cannot help thinking about WLS.

On Sunday evenings, Art Roberts had an oldies show with the theme "Hey baby they're playin our song"

Forget about that. For economic reality, check out Lance Roberts.

I do not know why my lighting is so red in the videos, it's not shown up that way before. Otherwise the quality is good.

YouTube links follow.

The Fed Cannot Fix What's Already Broken

Problems in the EU

What the Next Recession Will Look Like

Don't Expect a Crash

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The Fed Cannot Fix What's Already Broken

Problems in the EU

What the Next Recession Will Look Like

Don't Expect a Crash

In that last clip, I side with economist Daniel Lacalle in that we will not have a "crash".

Curiously, it will be far worse than a crash for Pension plans.

Side Notes

Recall the Buckingham's hit "Hey Baby they're Playin Our Song".

The Buckinghams named their hit song after the first edition of Art's show, on WLS in the 60's.

Real Radio notes "The theme song was written for the show by the Chess Records studio band. Leonard Chess was one of my dearest friends and the theme song was his gift to me in 1965. I used it on WLS on Sunday nights for 5 years."

Topics Discussed in the Podcasts

  1. Eight Reasons a Financial Crisis is Coming
  2. Expect a "Lost Decade", Stock Market Rout "Only Just a Start"
  3. Junk Bond Bubble in Six Images
  4. Mortgage Rates Hit 7-Year High
  5. Tariff Scorecard: 57 Companies Bitch About Trump's Tariffs, 7 Give Positive View
  6. Vanishing Middle: Political Polarization in the US and Europe
  7. California Ground Zero in Upcoming Real Estate Bust
  8. Merkel's Legacy: Refugee crisis, the Splintering of Germany, Brexit
  9. Eurozone Growth Slows to 4-Year Low, Italy Stagnates, Global Recession Risk Up

We covered a lot of territory in those four clips and we both had a lot of fun doing it. Apologies for the red cast on the video from my side.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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What "Winning" in Afghanistan Really Looks Like

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Recession is Here: How Long Will It Last?

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Recession Arithmetic: What Would It Take?

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