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Trump Goes After Biden

Tweets about Law and Order

Chastices Philadelphia

On Fire in Every Direction

Trump Hides in Bunker

After chastising everyone but himself, Trump then Fled to a Bunker as Protests Raged Outside White House.

Ann Coulter Picked Up On Trump's Hiding 

"To anyone worried that Trump is AWOL as America implodes, rest assured: I'm told he's tracking down some very promising Joe Scarborough leads," said Coulter.

China Goads Trump Over Protests

Coulter is not the only one going after Trump. 'Mr President, Don't Go Hide'  China mocks Trump. 

Should Beijing Support the US Rioters? 

Russia Involved? 

Nah. It's Hong Kong.

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Where the Hell is Trump? 

Why hasn't Trump made a national address asking for calm. 

Newsday has an explanation.

Some of Donald Trump's advisers and media allies thought presidential leadership called for him to address the nation, to be a voice of calming and healing as protests and riots ignited by the police killing of George Floyd, a black man in Minneapolis, plunged the nation into the most widespread unrest in a half-century. Trump didn't because he had nothing to say, no tangible action or policy to announce and doesn't feel a need to bring people together, a senior official told The Washington Post. 

It wasn't just Democrats who called out Trump. South Carolina's Tim Scott — the only black Republican in the Senate and a sometime sounding board on conservative African American viewpoints — told "Fox News Sunday" that Trump's tweets are “not constructive tweets, without any question.”

Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan called them "just the opposite of the message that should have been coming out of the White House.” 

A Better Explanation

If Trump thought for one moment it would help him to attempt to calm thing down he would have done so. 

Strike that. He would have attempted to do so.

Instead he will wait until things calm down, then give a speech, then claim to have calmed things down and that no one could possibly have calmed things down any better or faster.

The Epitome of Rioting Irony and Ignorance in One Tweet

In case you missed it, please see The Epitome of Rioting Irony and Ignorance in One Tweet

Meanwhile, Twitter still works from the bunker and the S&P futures are flat.

What a glorious evening.