by Mish

British Pound

From top to bottom the one day move hit 9%.

Matt Singh had the audacity to tweet this about Nigel Farage comment “Remain will edge it” I responded.

Then added ….

Singh will delete both tweets to him.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Steen Jakobsen, Saxo Bank CIO on the UK Election, Pound, Euro

Steen Jakobsen, Saxo Bank Chief Investment Officer, comments on the UK election, the British Pound, and the Euro in a recent email report.

Secret Recording Implicates Bank of England in Libor Rigging

In the financial crisis, LIBOR rates soared due to payment uncertainty (recall Bear Stearns, Lehman, etc).

British Pound Dives on Brexit Fears

Now that Brexit reality has finally set in, the British Pound has been in a free fall.

Dollar Crisis in Egypt; Egyptian Pound Crashes on Black Market; Another Devaluation Likely

A collapse in the Egyptian pound is underway. The official pegged price says one US dollar buys 8.78 Egyptian pounds. The street price says one dollar buys 13 Egyptian pounds.

Spanish Government Fearmongering: “Catalonia Faces Brutal Impoverishment If Leave Wins”

On October 1, Catalans head to the polls to vote yes or no on separation from Spain.

British Pound Dives as Brexit Reality Sinks In

The pound is the worst-performing major currency in the world since March. Brexit reality is starting to sink in.

Dutch Parliament to Debate Leaving the Eurozone: Nexit on the Way?

Potential Eurozone disruption possibilities keep compounding. For example, the Netherlands Parliament will now debate leaving the Eurozone.

Brexit: 6 Consecutive Polls in Favor of Leave (7th has One Point Remain Lead)

Four new Brexit polls were released on June 13. Every one of them broke in favor of Leave, as did the two polls immediately prior.

Fear of “Big Government” Near Record High Despite Trump Win

Gallup has an interesting poll out today concerning top fears of US citizens.