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This is the kind of thing that often marks tops. Those clamoring for bitcoin futures, ETFs, and options may wish to consider. Nah. It's different this time.

A portion of the yield curve may invert when the Fed hikes in December. Spreads between some durations are around 10 basis points.

I discussed Italy here: Italy Target2 Imbalance Hits Record €432.5 Billion as Dwindling Trust in Banks Plunges


About that strong growth: I Expect New Record Low Long Bond Yield

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Solar Companies Behind Tariff Increases are Foreign-Owned

Trump raised tariffs on solar panels pledging "America First." The two companies that petitioned Trump are foreign owned

German Firms Abandon China, US Firms Should Do the Same

A survey of German firms found that 23% will withdraw production capacity from China or are thinking about doing so.

Zombie Corporations: 10% of Companies Depend on Cheap Fed Money

Ten percent of corporations survive only because central banks have kept real interest rates negative.

Rise of the Zombie Corporations: Percentage Keeps Increasing, BIS Explains Why

The BIS discusses zombie corporations. Cheap financing is the primary cause. The result is low productivity.

What Happens to Companies Eliminating Dividends?

Here's a look at nine companies that eliminated dividends this year.

Trump's Trade War Casualty List: 35 Companies and Organizations Complain

The number of companies and organizations complaining about tariffs and tariff retaliations is high and rising.

Three Major Credit Card Companies Ban Bitcoin Purchases

Three credit card companies banned cryptocurrency purchases on Friday and Saturday. They do not want the risk.

"Mr. Practical" On Leverage, Options, and Derivative-Fueled Crashes

A Minyanville friend, "Mr. Practical", pinged me with his thoughts on leverage derivative-fueled market crashes.

Baby Bust: US Fertility Rate Unexpectedly Drops to Lowest on Record

Economists figured the recovery would bring about increased confidence and a rise in the birth rate.