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Mexico surpassed Italy in the number of Covid deaths and case counts have soared to record highs. Nonetheless, Obrador says the virus "is losing intensity"

."I want to tell you that the report is positive, is good, the conclusion is that the pandemic is decreasing, is losing intensity," Lopez Obrador said in a video address to the nation. 

"We have availability to receive patients. The other pandemic is the sensationalism from the conservative media, that's why we need to continue informing, they compare Mexico with other countries. Today I want to transmit tranquillity because we're improving facing professionally this pandemic," the President added.

Yesterday's Data

Top 10 Countries by Total Covid Deaths 2020-07-12

Mexico added 539 new deaths and although the curves are flattening, they are not pointing down.

Mexico 7-Day Moving Average Deaths

Mexico 7-Day Moving Average Deaths 2020-07-12
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Mexico 7-Day Moving Average Cases

Mexico 7-Day Moving Average Cases 2020-07-12

There was an improvement in the number of deaths but that happened once before too. The number of cases is still on the rise and deaths tend to follow cases with a lag.

Dangerous Political Game

There is no way one can realistically brag about this data. 

It's possible the trends change right now, but it is a lie to say that have changed.

Obrador wants to spread confidence, but this will backfire if things worsen, as US president Donald Trump just found out.