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Business Insider reports Photos show what Italy is like under lockdown as the country becomes Europe's epicenter of the coronavirus.

The lead image is from that article.

Venice is “taking precautionary measures -- this is not a pandemic. We decided to ban all events for a week especially to protect older citizens, but businesses are working as usual,” said regional Governor Luca Zaia in an interview.

Meanwhile, in Milan, all work activity has come to a halt with blockades preventing travel in and out of the area.

The above details are from the Bloomberg article Italy Struggles to Contain Virus With Rich North in Lockdown.

Italy’s economic engine ground nearly to a halt on Monday amid Europe’s largest coronavirus outbreak.

The hit to the economy from limiting movement and activity in the prosperous area from Venice to Milan, home to some 15 million people and responsible for almost a third of Italy’s gross domestic product, is likely to be severe.

Adding to the concern: contagion seems to be spreading mostly through hospitals and it remains unclear exactly how the illness arrived in the country.

There were already signs of panic taking hold. Shoppers stormed supermarkets in Milan over the weekend as citizens worried that food stocks would run out. Staples like meat, bread and pasta were in short supply in some stores as consumers, many wearing surgical masks, waited in long lines to stock up.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the opposition League party, used the outbreak to attack Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Italy needs “to make our borders armor-plated,” he said, calling on Conte to resign “if he isn’t able to defend Italy and Italians.”

One of These Doesn't Fit

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  1. 11 Cities in Italy are in lockdown
  2. Half of China has travel restrictions with 60 million in full lockdown.
  3. Coronavirus cases are growing exponentially in Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Iran.
  4. This is not a pandemic.

Lies Don't Prevent Panic

Except when it comes to finances about "free stuff" (education, health care, etc.) people generally recognize when they are being lied to.

And in this case there are travel restriction in 11 cities in Northern Italy with 3 month jail terms for people venturing outside roadblocks.

When you tell huge lies like this, people know it and that's what feeds the fear: What else are they not telling us.

Coronavirus Podcast

This morning I was a podcast participant with Jim Bianco, Dr. Ben Hunt, Dr. Chris Martenson, and Erik Townsend.

The podcast is on the long side and most of my readers are familiar with the material.

But it was a pleasure to be with a group of bright people who had this pegged correctly from the beginning.

All of us wish we were wrong.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock