The Hill reports Student Who Allegedly Brought Gun to Class had AR-15, Grenades at Home.

The student did not "allegedly" bring a gun to school, it's confirmed that he did. Until I see pictures or see a police report, the student allegedly had grenades and landmines.

This is what The Hill claims.

Eighteen-year-old Alwin Chen was arrested last Thursday after bringing a loaded handgun and a knife to Clarksburg High School.

According to multiple news reports Tuesday, he also had an AR-15-style rifle, grenades, land mines, a tactical vest and a list of grievances at home, along with other weapons.

Land Mines?

Did the student have land mines or a [detonator](C-4 detanator) for a [C-4]( landmine?

Image placeholder title

C-4 is a type of plastic explosive that has a texture similar to modeling clay and can be molded into any desired shape. C-4 is stable and an explosion can only be initiated by a shock wave from a detonator.


Grenades? Land Mines? Can I Have a Picture?

The defense claims the weapons were properly licensed. To whom? Can one get a license for hand grenades? If so why?

Here is a Q&A discussion: Is it Legal to Own Hand Grenades?

What’s a Hand Grenade?

While it’s obvious that military-style grenades are illegal to possess, it’s not so obvious when dealing with other items that could, under the law’s definition, be classified as a grenade. What about a training device, or a smoke bomb, or even a firecracker? When faced with these questions, courts have come to inconsistent conclusions.

I am not down playing this story. It could have had a tragic ending as did the shooting in Florida. Perhaps the kid wanted to make a landmine of some sort, perhaps the detonator was for some other type of device.

It seems the kid did not have land mines and I question grenades. Pictures please.

I suspect that as a result of these stories, some action will be taken by Congress. Background checks at a minimum are on the way.

If Chen really did have commercial-grade grenades I would like to know how.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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