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Mask Burning in Idaho

In Idaho, 150 people rallied at the state capital and over 30 cites organized Mask Burning Rallies

Top Official Ousted Over Covid-19 Deaths at Veterans Nursing Homes Remained on N.J. Payroll for Months

The Wall Street Journal reports Top Official Ousted Over Covid-19 Deaths at Veterans Nursing Homes Remained on N.J. Payroll for Months

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy ousted a top state official in mid-October as part of a reckoning over the Covid-19 crisis at the state’s nursing homes for veterans, but the official was never fired, state records show.

Rather, Maj. Gen. Jemal Beale, the former commissioner of the state’s military and veterans agency, was allowed to resign on Jan. 1 of this year despite Mr. Murphy announcing on Oct. 16 that Gen. Beale was being replaced “effective immediately,” according to personnel records and state officials.

In addition to saving face, Gen. Beale’s arrangement allowed him to fully cash in on his unused vacation days.Open for Business

The Oct. 16 leadership change came 10 days after a Wall Street Journal article detailed the agency’s mishandling of a Covid-19 outbreak at the Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home in Edison, N.J. The Journal’s investigation showed the state chronically underreported deaths at the facility, where more than 100 residents died of the virus. 

Worried About Florida

UK Variant Spreading

My Painless Vaccine Experience

I received my first Moderna vaccine shot last Thursday. 

The best word to describe my experience is "Painless". 

This was the quickest, least painful shot I ever had. Normally, I tense up, find the jab initially painful, and then I usually have some after effects. 

After shots everyone waited in a room for 15 minutes with observers, who in my case observed I was fine. I had no pain or soreness in that time.

I developed very mild soreness the next day with an emphasis on "very minor".

This is in contrast to a Shingles vaccine last year after which I was tired and had cold-like symptoms for a fewsdays. After a Tetnus shot my arm was noticeably sore for a few days.

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Trump's Vaccine

Many may not be aware that Trump was vaccinated in January, before he left office. 

He did not promote this until the CPAC conference. Speculation runs rampant as to why. 

The Rolling Stone offers this reason: Trump Got Vaccinated Secretly, Because Otherwise He Might Have Helped the Country

Rachel Maddow made this claim on March 1, "While he was president, President Trump never encouraged Americans to get vaccinated."

Fact Check: False

Get Those Shots Everyone

Open For Business

On March 3, I reported Two States Fully Reopen All Businesses at Full Capacity Without Masks

The two states are Texas and Mississippi. 

A bill in North Dakota that would ban mask mandates by state and local officials, schools and businesses has passed the state’s House of Representatives and is awaiting a vote in the Senate. 

Tough Business Decision

Just because Texas and Mississippi do not require masks does not mean corporations will remove the ban. 

The move in North Dakota is absolutely crazy. It would prohibit masks even in nursing homes.