If you thought there was a slowdown in coronavirus cases, you thought wrong. Instead, there was under-reporting as most if us realized all along.

Worldometer Stats

  • There are currently 60,286 confirmed cases and 1,367 deaths from the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak as of February 13, 2020, 01:45 GMT.
  • "Total Cases" = total cumulative count (60,286). This figure therefore includes deaths and recovered/discharged patients (cases with an outcome).

Today China Confirms 14,840 New Cases, 242 Additional Deaths.

The rise in cases comes as Chinese officials broadened their definition of confirmed cases. Now, lung imaging can be used to diagnose the virus in a suspected patient, in addition to the standard nucleic acid tests, according to AFP.

Chinese officials said 13,332 of the new cases and just over half the new death toll can be attributed to the new classification, AFP reported.

There really was not such a jump, just better reporting and methodology.

Other Items of Note

  • CDC confirms 14th coronavirus case in U.S. This is the second person at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar to test positive for the virus.
  • World's biggest technology trade show canceled due to coronavirus. The Global System for Mobile Communications Association, or GSMA, has held the annual trade show in Barcelona, Spain, since 2006. GSMA CEO John Hoffman announced the association's decision to cancel this year's show in a press release on Wednesday, saying it would reconvene in 2021. The show typically attracts over 100,000 people from around the world.
  • World Health Organization says it was not pressured to praise China. When asked directly if he was pressured by China to support their response, Ghebreyesus told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday that the "facts speak for themselves." [Indeed they do. The WHO is corrupt and incompetent]
  • CDC has yet to be given direct access to China's data. "CDC stands ready to send staff to China … but we haven't been invited yet," said CDC director Dr. Nancy Messonnier, noting that the World Health Organization has a team in China that is being given access to the raw data.
  • WHO: Outbreak in China "reducing," and outside China it's "very manageable". [That tidbit came before this latest 14,800 case update.]
  • Virus forces delay of Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix.

Faulty Test Kits

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The CDC says Coronavirus Test Kits Sent to States Are Flawed.

Some of the coronavirus testing kits sent to state laboratories around the country have flaws and do not work properly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday.


Obviously, a state wouldn’t want to be doing this test and using it to make clinical decisions if it isn’t working as well, as perfectly, at the state as it is at C.D.C.,” Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said at a news conference on Wednesday.

At a news conference on Wednesday morning, Dr. Messonnier said that test kits had been shipped to more than 30 other countries, but later in the day said that she was mistaken, and that the international shipments had been held back because of the flaw.

The flawed test kits are a separate issue from the mislabeled samples in San Diego that led officials to discharge from a hospital a woman who was sick from the coronavirus.

Jim Bianco Update

Case Count on Log Scale

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Confirmed Active Cases Log Scale

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Delayed Positive

Rate of Change

Understatement of the Day Award

Things may not always go as smoothly as we may like,” said CDC director Dr. Nancy Messonnier.

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