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McCain's Legacy

  1. In the 15-year war in Afghanistan wasting over a trillion dollars.
  2. In drone policy, where the US military gets to act as prosecutor, judge and jury, where innocent lives are tossed aside as "collateral damage".
  3. in support of useless weapons systems like the F-35 that McCain supported.
  4. In asinine foreign policy in Syria and Iran.
  5. In hypocrites and comedians like Kathy Griffin singing the praise of McCain.
  6. In mainsteam media looking the other way when thousands of innocent children are killed in Yemen.
  7. In support of torture programs despite McCain himself being tortured.
  8. In support of holding people with no charge in prisons in Cuba.
  9. In support of meddling in Ukraine while accusing Russia of meddling in the US.
  10. In support of sanctions that kill or harm innocent people.
  11. In support of no-fly zones along with Hillary that may have meant direct confrontation with Russia.
  12. In ISIS, a direct result of misguided US policies that McCain strongly supported.

McCain died from brain damage. Clearly his brain was damaged long before his cancer diagnosis.

Unfortunately, McCain's "legacy" lives on.

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Addendum: Condolences Offered

Some people accused me of being disrespectful of the dead. They are of course correct.

Taking a cue from @triniwatchman for the idea:

Condolences and best wished to the friends, family, and loved ones who died at the hands of the policies that McCain embraced.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock