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“We ask that you remember: We only get one chance to do this the right way,” the guide says as McDonald's Sets Conditions for Restaurant Reopenings.

New Rules

  1. Close public soda fountains or deploy a staff member to operate them
  2. Clean Bathrooms Every Half-Hour
  3. Foot-pulls to allow customers to open bathroom doors without using their hands
  4. All service workers also need to be outfitted with masks and gloves
  5. Make face shields available for customers in jurisdictions requiring them
  6. Employees should undergo wellness and temperature checks
  7. Employees must wash their hands every hour 
  8. Tables should be removed or closed off to allow 6 feet between customers
  9.  Wipe down surfaces including door handles, trash lids, counters and credit-card machines every 30 minutes
  10. If a customer wearing a mask is worried about interacting with others who aren’t, employees should find the guest another spot to sit or offer to bring food to their car,
  11. Workers are to bring food to customers in a bag folded closed twice, on a tray removed as soon as a diner verifies it is correct. 
  12. Workers should make customers feel welcome with a thumbs-up, hand signals or a verbal greeting,
  13. Abide by state and local laws

Pertinent Comment

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We have a responsibility to get this right, and sometimes doing the right thing takes time,” a company spokesman said Wednesday.

In contrast to other business owners who demand the right to open when they want unders no conditions at all, McDonald's says it has a responsibility to do things right.

Should there be a legal responsibility or is it simply good business?