Social media follows the mood.

That's what makes magazine covers, ads, and bestselling books a great contrary indicator.

Bitcoin on Credit Cards

Hey, why not. It makes perfect sense. So does Bitcoin mining.

Cryptocurrency Mining Stresses Grid

Cryptocurrency Mining Stresses Electrical Grid in Washington State

Bitcoin Grandma Ads

Another Cover Curse?


Harry Dent Contrarian Book Covers

Economist Harry Dent made a fortune with a series of 100% ass-backward books.

Bitcoin Pop Group

Image placeholder title

Meet the "Virtual Currency Girls" a POP CryptoGroup from Japan

The Virtual Currency Girls. That bell ringer may have marked the top.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Bitcoin Dives Below $7,000 Extending Losses Following $40 Million Hack

Bitcoin extends losses following the hack of the South Korean crypto exchange Coinrail.

Don't Blame Media or India for Bitcoin Debacle: Just HODL?

India announced measures against Bitcoin sending it tumbling. Or so headlines claim. That's not really what's happening.

Think Imports and Trade Deficits Impact GDP? Think Again!

Contrary to widespread belief, imports do not subtract from GDP despite the fact that imports are part of the equation.

Plotting the Bitcoin Trend

Bitcoin chart followers note a dismal-looking trendline.

Reflections on Bitcoin's Broken Parabola

John Hussman makes comments on parabolic charts in general, and Bitcoin specifically.

Housing Liquidity Crisis Coming: Debt Deflation Follows

A liquidity crisis in housing is on the way. Non-banks are at the center of the storm.

Wall Street and Mainstream Media Stench Engulfs Hillary

Julian Assange Comments. The stench surrounding Hillary is so bad not even mainstream media can completely cover it up.

Nasdaq Down 5%, DOW and S&P Down Over 3%: Just a Start

The FANGs led the Nasdaq on the way up and lead again on the way down. Technology shares were hammered close to 5%.

Hit to Unions Following Supreme Court Ruling Begins

Following a Supreme Court ruling, states are ordered to stop collecting millions of dollars in fees from public worker.