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The Wall Street Journal reports House Releases GOP Surveillance Memo.

  • Democrats have said the four-page document is full of omissions and cherry-picked facts designed to throw doubt on the investigation into collusion between Trump associates and Russia.
  • The FBI expressed ‘grave concerns’ over the accuracy of the document

Memo Background

The memo involves FBI surveillance of Carter Page, a one-time adviser to President Donald Trump. The FBI started investigating Page based on information provided by a former British spy, Christopher Steele.

The problem is much of what Steele claimed was bogus, the rest questionable allegations. Moreover, allegations abound that Steele was paid for by the Clinton campaign.

There are numerous reports about this over the past month. A search for Christopher Steele Clinton will turn them up.

On January 31, in a very unusual statement, the FBI Urged Trump to Not Release the Memo.

The FBI said the memo was "inaccurate." I am sure it was. But how inaccurate? The FBI statement sounds more like a cover-your-ass request than anything else.

Read the Memo

You can download and read the memo if you care to. It's a PDF in image format.

Here is a key snip.

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Comey Chimes In

Memo destroyed trust in FBI. What a hoot. The classified information has been known for weeks.

At best it questions the FBI's competence.

Snowden Chimes In

The Lies

Let it All Hang Out

If there are omissions, let's see them. If there are inaccuracies they need to be corrected.

I offer this musical tribute.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock