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At the heart of the letter, Merkel set the tone for cooperation with Trump. She ought to be worried about her own bedfellows, not lecturing others with “conditions”.

Please consider Merkel Takes Liberal-Democratic Stand in Post-Trump World.

It is unprecedented for a German chancellor to lecture a US president-elect on democratic values — but Angela Merkel has been so shaken by Donald Trump’s victory that she did exactly that in her letter of congratulation to the man heading for the White House.

“Germany and America are bound by common values,” she wrote. “Democracy, freedom, as well as respect for the rule of law and the dignity of each and every person regardless of their origin, skin colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation or political views.” Future co-operation, the EU’s most powerful leader added, would be “based on these values”.

For Germany to set such conditions for working with the US is unheard of. But so is the nature of the gauntlet that Mr Trump has thrown down, after a campaign in which he not only caused outrage with his views on themes covered in Ms Merkel’s letter but also insulted the German chancellor, calling her policies “a catastrophe”.

Merkel’s Catastrophe

It is obvious to any thinking person that Merkel’s refugee policy was, and remains, a catastrophe.

Merkel made a deal with Turkey, whose leader is a dictator, liar, thug, and blackmailer.

It was not even her deal to make. After it was done, other countries complained bitterly, but ultimately gave in to her highness.

In April, in a speech before Turkey’s Parliament, speaker Ismail Kahraman called for a “new constitution, a religious constitution.”

Ergodan distanced himself from that statement but many believe it’s what he really wants.

Islamist Police State

Center for Security Policy founder and Ted Cruz foreign-policy adviser Frank Gaffney says Erdogan Transformed Turkey into an ‘Islamist Police State’.

Supporting Evidence

No one can realistically disagree that Ergodan has taken over the press, taken over the courts, closed schools, and harassed or jailed all political opponents as “terrorists”.

The words “Islamist Police State” precisely describes events that have taken place.

Merkel Lectures Trump, Not Erdogan

Merkel ought to be worried about her own strange bedfellows and her own political fate, not issuing self-serving and hypocritical conditions on true allies.

Women Not Equal to Men

I leave you with one scary thought: Erdogan Says “Contraception is Treason, Women Not Equal to Men, Muslims Must Multiply Descendants”

Merkel has quite the gall to lecture Trump about “conditions” for cooperation.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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