I captured that Tweet as an image in case Moore deletes it.

It was retweeted 6,684 times. 1,862 fools liked it.

Michael Moore, please check this out.


Oil for the People Question

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

In Praise of Hugo Chavez and Venezuela (Not By Me): Venezuela Cash Crunch

Hugo Chavez is gone, but his policies live on. Nicolas Maduro is president now. Hyperinflation which started under Chavez is even worse under Maduro. This is what happens when socialists run countries in the ground. It always starts with promises of free handouts to end poverty.

Chicago Teachers Union Goes to Venezuela, Praises Maduro for Not Closing Schools

Four Chicago Teachers Union representatives went to Venezuela, a failed nation, singing praises of its corrupt leader.

Russia Meddling "Act of War", Michael Moore Trapped, CIA Admissions

Idiotic comments regarding "Russia's act of war" against the US for meddling in the Us election has reached consensus.

Amusing Nonsense: Michael Moore Launches ‘Trumpileaks’ Website for Whistleblowers

Michale Moore, a staunch critic of Wikileaks for its alleged role in stealing victory away from Hillary Clinton, now embraces leaking.

In Praise of a Corporate Tax Cut

Bloomberg View columnist Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University and Marginal Revolution blogger says "Republicans have science on their side when it comes to corporate tax reduction." Is Cowen right? If so why?

Q&A With Michael Pettis on the Coronavirus Impact

I had this interesting Tweet conversation with Michael Pettis at China Financial Markets on the coronavirus.

Venezuela to Launch "Petro" Cryptocurrency

With Venezuela in default as well as hyperinflation, president Maduro vows to fight a US "blockade" with the "Petro".

Not Getting It: Michael Moore, Hollande, Merkel, Financial Times, Stephen Colbert

The parade of politicians and media pundits who are totally clueless about what happened and why is miles long.

Facing Inflation of 5600% Venezuela Launches "Petro" Cryptocurrency

Venezuela's annual rate of inflation is 5600%. President Nicolas Maduro has his hopes pinned on the "Petro".